About Us

Since 1915, Almira’s Pastry and Wedding Cake Shop has been creating a unique array of baked goods, pastries and cakes for all occasions which are untouched by any other bakery.

This family business was started by Ernest Karner, a 1905 graduate of a baking school  in Pinkafeld, Austria.  Karner’s bakery opened in 1915 with two locations in Hammond, Indiana; one on Hohman Avenue and the other on Sibley Boulevard.

As Ernest’s business continued to grow, he taught his son Herbert Karner the art of baking.  In 1948, Herbert opened his own bakery, Almira’s Pastry and Wedding Cake Shop, located on State Street and Calumet Avenue.  Like his father, Herbert continued the baking tradition of his family by introducing his children Almira, Norman and Ron to the baking business.

In 1955, Herbert retired and his children continued to operate and expand the business.  By 1960, Almira’s had grown to four locations.  Later, in the 1960’s, the Karner family developed a working relationship with Nick Van Til and opened an additional location in Van Til’s Supermarket in Hammond.

In the early 1990’s, Almira’s chose to reduce the size of their operation to the one location in Van Til’s Supermarket.  Almira’s continued to operate at this location until Almira, Norman and Ron retired in 2001.  At this time, Van Til’s Supermarket acquired Almira’s and all of its traditional scratch recipes.

Almira’s has expanded into several local supermarkets. Almira’s bakeries are located inside the Strack and Van Til Supermarkets in Whiting and East Chicago.  Almira’s bakery products are also available at local hospitals and casinos throughout Northwest Indiana.

We are known for our fresh pastries and custom cakes.  Almira’s is one of the largest wedding cake providers in Northwest Indiana.  From elegantly simple wedding cakes to the most extravagant custom wedding cakes, Almira’s has affordable prices along with quality and value.